Cazenovia Lake Milfoil Treatment
Summer 2012

In 2012, the fourth year of our Cazenovia Lake Restoration Project, the partnership of the Town, the Village, and the Lake Association will be applying spot treatment to reduce the Eurasian Watermilfoil in the lake from June 13th - 16th. The DEC has issued us a permit to apply Renovate (Triclopyr) at the north and south ends and several points along the east and west shores where the Milfoil growth is the densest. The locations of treatment were determined based on an aquatic plant survey conducted in October of 2011. Results of the survey showing Milfoil distribution as well as the treatment area for this summer can be viewed here. If past years are any indication, the effect of the treatment should extend beyond the specific areas being treated.

Learn more about how to inspect your boat to keep invasive species from getting into Cazenovia Lake. What type of plants should you be looking for? What other invasives, besides Eurasian Milfoil, have been found in our area? READ MORE

Did you know that the last place the vast majority of Cazenovia boat launch users have launched their boats is right here on Cazenovia Lake? Or that 28% of launch use last year was in the month of July? How many people are launching their boats to go fishing and how many are boating for recreation? View data and easy to read pie charts courtesy of the Village of Cazenovia.

Link to the Town of Cazenovia Website page "Caz Lake Resoration" which holds official town documents pertaining to this project.

March 10, 2012
On March 10th, the Cazenovia Lake Association sponsored a community meeting to which the Watershed Council and a representative from Allied Biological were invited. The purposes included to explain the treatment strategy for 2012, present the boat launch data from 2011 to the public, adn to discuss citizens' concerns and answer questions. READ MORE

Triclopyr is a herbicide that can control infestations of Eurasioan Watermilfoil and other broad-leaf water plants.